A History Built on Slate

Located across from Walnutport on the west side of the Lehigh River, Slatington became the center of the region’s Slate industry. In its heyday, slate was used for everything from durable roofing shingles to chalk boards in schools. The Lehigh Slate Company‘s quarries, in and around Slatington, were among the largest in the U.S., and furnished some of the country’s highest quality slate.

But a large portion of Slatington’s growth and success is also directly tied to the opening of the Lehigh Canal, and the ease of shipping that resulted. The town further blossomed when the railroad was built in the late 19th century.

Today’s traditional downtown, with large Victorian homes (such as the James O. Haines Home pictured at left), is a reminder of the commerce generated by the canal, railroad and slate industry. Elaborate slate roofs display the beauty of this local building material, which was once shipped as far away as British Columbia and used to adorn the capital building in the Canadian province. Slatington’s streetscape artifacts are closely tied to the story of extraction, processing, transporting and marketing of slate. (Source: Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor)

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

In an effort to slow the progression of the disease the Borough of Slatington is taking the following steps to protect our employees and the community.

Effective immediately, and until further notice all municipal buildings will be closed to the public. The Borough office can be reached at 610-767-2131 during normal business hours. Public restrooms and children’s’ playground area will be closed to the public.

If you have a non-emergency issue that you need to speak to a police officer, please call 610-767-1846, or County Dispatch at 610-437-5252, to schedule an appointment with a police officer. If you are having an emergency dial 911.

If you need moving permits, file a complaint, etc., you can locate blank forms at our website www.slatington.org.

Our two-utility payment drop boxes are located to the right of the outside entrance door, and between the entrance doors on your left.

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