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Gypsy Moth Advisory

Please be advised that Lehigh County is cooperating with the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources- Bureau of Forestry, in conducting a gypsy moth suppression project in certain forested sections of Weisenberg, Lynn, Heidelberg, Washington, Lowhill, Whitehall, N. Whitehall, S. Whitehall, Slatington, Slatedale, Upper Macungie this spring. Since a portion of the spraying is being conducted within the jurisdictional boundaries of your municipality, you may get questions from residents regarding the spraying. We are asking your cooperation in notifying them of commonsense precautions to take if in a treatment area during the spray.

The insecticide being used on residential properties is Bacillus thuringiensis Var. kurstaki (Bt), a biological insecticide which has no known adverse human health or environmental impacts. The insecticide will be applied by aircraft, either helicopter or fixed wing, flying approximately 50 feet above the treetops between late April and Early June.

According to (DCNR) to avoid the possibility of eye irritation, persons should not look up as the spray droplets are descending. If eye irritation does occur, an eye wash should be used and the family physician consulted. If the material gets on the skin, soap and water are sufficient to remove it.

To make spot removal as easy as possible, vehicles which are exposed to the spray should be washed as soon as possible. If the spray has dried, soaking a towel with a car wash soap and water will rehydrate the (Bt) and can then be removed by wiping with a towel or cloth.

You may contact the local Bureau of Forestry office Eastern Area Scott Stitzer P.O. Box 315 Aristes, PA 17920 (570) 875-6450 (X114) if you need additional information on the insecticides being used or timing of the spraying in your area.

Thank you for your cooperation in this project.
Jeffrey Carroll-Lehigh/Northampton County Coordinator

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